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  • Durable Nylon Mesh (400 micron)
  • Roll & Clip for Easy Closure
  • Heavy Duty Stitching
  • TeaLAB Lifetime Guarantee  


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  • 5 to 50 Gallon Brew Kits
  • Easy to Use - Easy to Clean
  • Everything you need to get started
  • Made to Last in the USA

"Best Value on the Market for Large Scale Compost Tea!
I LOVE the Bubble Snake and am so glad I found it before I had purchased or built something else! The concept is so simple it's brilliant! So easy to setup, use and clean too! I bought the large size because it is not that much more that the small size but it makes up to 10x more! Mine also came with a very nice laminated tea recipe and reference sheet that was a great extra. I have used mine three times and it has worked perfectly. I found a video on You-tube from TeaLabs that reviews the use and it covers some small tips that make the system even easier! I purchased the aerator, pump and bag and had not realized that the bag clips onto the aerator ring to hold into down in the water. So many quality details built into the product that I feel it will last for years. I use mine with my 45 gal Rain Barrel and it makes a GREAT system that is easy to brew and dispense the tea. Best design on the market for sure!" - Brenda C. 8/26/15

Why Use Compost Tea?

  • Top Shelf Compost Blends
  • Worm Castings & Insect Frass
  • Microbial Inoculant #1
  • FishBalls - Tea Activators

Better Gardening Through Biology

TeaLAB's  3 AACT Brew Rules

  • Garbage in Garbage Out
  • Big Bubbles Are Better
  • Keep it Clean

Compost Tea Recipes

  • Vegetative, Transition, Flower Teas
  • Specialty Plant Recipes
  • Share Your Recipe

  • Compost Tea Aerators
  • Simple Design Solves Problems
  • Easy to Clean System
  • Professional Grade Materials
  • Compost Tea is a Living Fertilizer
  • Nourish Your Garden Naturally
  • Protect Your Garden from Pests & Disease
  • Microbes Allow You to Use Less Water
  • Grow Tastier Fruits, Flowers, & Veggies
  • Stretch Out Your Compost Pile
  • Impress Your Friends!!!

Compost Tea Brewers & Recipes